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Zdjęcia można przesuwać, a na ekranach dotykowych powiększać, rozsuwając dwoma palcami.

I paint with acrylic paints on a canvas stretched over a stretcher with a pendant. On request, I frame my paintings in simple frames in pastel colors.

I love domestic animals and I would love to portray animals completely, not necessarily with photographic accuracy.
I would like to depict the leading feature of the animal in the painting, the one that I notice in the photo or resulting from the owner's description.

I had pets my whole life, and recently I ran a hotel for dogs for about 3 years. I ran a website for owners on FB.

The prices of the portrait depends mainly on the size of the canvas:

The base price is - 40cm x 50cm - PLN 200
If in the frame + approx. PLN 50.

Ordering a pet portrait in a few steps:

- taking and sending a few photos of the model
- determining which shot will be immortalized on the canvas
- determining whether it will be framed or not
- transfer of an advance payment for materials - PLN 50 / non-returnable advance /

..and start painting. Time approx. A week. I am sending paintings ready to hang, framed or thematically painted, varnished, well and safely packed.

The price for the shipment depends on the preferences of the ordering party as regards the choice of the shipping company.
On request, I can issue a VAT invoice
Possible personal collection in Poznań.
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